About Us Intro

Who We Are 
Subjective is an artist-led gallery dedicated to fostering meaningful connections & exhibitions amidst the ever-evolving landscape of art & internet culture. Based in the heart of TriBeCa’s burgeoning gallery district, we are a home for uplifting the next generation of artists, tastemakers, & communities defining the contemporary zeitgeist.

Our Journey
Subjective Gallery launched in January 2023 as a monthly pop-up art showcase featuring works of generative art, AI art, & a vast variety of digital mediums. With the support of LUME Studios, Subjective has quickly become a hub for NYC artists, as well as an ever-growing international community of creatives. We pride ourselves on our commitment to experimentation, particularly with new-media art & performance. Our aim is to craft experiences that challenge the conventional & speak to the present moment, bringing together the brightest minds in art & internet culture.

Our Mission
Despite living in a time where we are more connected than ever, the incessant inundation of digital media leaves much to be desired in the realm of artistic discernment, synthesis, & deeper connections with digital culture. We are here to navigate the endless stream of content, to distill, & to create experiences around what matters most. Subjective serves as a platform for discovery, bringing to life the cultural forces that shape our generation.

What We Do
Subjective is not your typical gallery; it is a holistic ecosystem designed to foster the growth & visibility of emerging & mid-career artists. We curate thought-provoking exhibitions & cultivate a space where artists & collectors can forge meaningful connections. Beyond acquiring artwork, we encourage deeper engagement through studio visits, curated dinners, & immersive experiences, ensuring that relationships within our community extend far beyond mere transactions.

Our Community
Our strength lies in our community– a vibrant collective of artists, innovators, & tastemakers. Together, we explore the realms of creativity & technology, challenging the status quo & exploring the boundaries of art & culture. At Subjective, every voice matters, every perspective contributes to our collective journey.

a physical home for digital culture

a physical home

for digital culture