Aug 2023
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Pedro Baez: The Indivisible Atomo

Pedro Baez's debut solo exhibition in New York will be The Indivisible Atomo, presented by Subjective at Lume Studios. Atomo is the central protagonist in Baez's work, and a tool for the artist to utilize pop cultural character tropes as a launchpad for his investigation of concepts dealing in physics and philosophy. Representing that which cannot be divided, Atomo exists somewhere between the physical world and the subconscious mind as a vessel for exploration and discovery of unseen worlds. As the personification of an atom, Atomo embodies the matter which makes up the entirety of our reality but remains invisible in our human experience. Thus, this character has become a way for me to explore worlds that can only be traversed only through the subconscious mind, and bring the discoveries to life in paintings, sculptures, and other creative expressions.

Each piece is created as an amalgamation of forms and styles, uniting in a symphony of controlled chaos. Surrealism, tongue-in-cheek pop art, street art, and abstract expressionism come together as different instruments to attune the viewer to a similar state of mind to the one in which the art was conceived.

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